Dr. Cowley now offers allergy appointments for children with suspected allergies. The symptoms can range from unexplained rashes to food intolerances.

We skin prick test in almost all children as it is virtually painless and you can get the results in clinic.

Please tell your children that it does not involve any needles.

Children must be off their antihistamines for 48hours (for piriton) and 1 week for all others before skin prick testing. No topical steroids should be applied for the week before. This is essential.

Standard skin prick testing

Typical test - 4 standard solutions and both positive and negative controls

Standard solutions:-

  • Oral allergens:- Egg, Milk, Wheat, Peanut and Hazelnut
  • Aerosol allergens:- Grass pollen, Tree pollen, House dust mite
  • Animal allergens:- Cat, Dog

Other solutions/ suspected allergens can be arranged. PLEASE complete the form below to advise us on what allergens you want your child tested for.

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